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Film - "The Ark"

Directed by Light Bear

Screenplay by Light Bear
Animation and drawing by Micha Guse
Music, flute by Light Bear

Technical data about the work:
.mp4 H.264 HD Video
Aaspect ratio of 16:9, 1.78:1
Release date - 01.02.2015
Running time: 5:00
Ton: stereo




The city is on the brink of extinction. The air is filled with smog. The last plant has died. The main character goes on a journey to magic islands in search of life. Like Noah, he gathers together various magic animals to save his world ...

Exhibitions, Screenings

"WatchOut!" film festival Tetovo                                                              directory
26 - 29 May 2015
Tetovo, Macedonia


15th international short film festival “The Unprecedented Cinema”
1 - 7 June 2015
Maardu, Tallinn, Estonia


2nd Anual Eastern NC Film Festival
13 June, 2015
Winterville, United States


16th W. Puchalski International Nature Film Festival                                      directory
17 - 21 June 2015
Lodz, Poland


10th A Film for Peace festival
11-12 July 2015
Medea, Italy


31th Cartoon Club International Festival                                                    directory
13-19 July, 2015
Rimini, Italy


3rd International Animated Film Festival for children and youth "Constantine’s gold Coin"
8-9 August 2015                                                                                  program
Nis, Serbian


GreenspaceNYC Summer Showcase - Films on Sustainability
8 August 2015
New York, Brooklyn, USA


22ud Blue Sea Film Festival                                                                     directory

21-23 August 2015
Rauma, Finland


10th Waters International Traveling Film Festival
4 - 10 September 2015
Bangalore, India


72nd Venice International Film Festival La Biennale di Venezia                              flyer
2-12 September 2015
Venice, Italy


12th Naoussa International Film Festival                                                    directory
23-27 October 2015
Naoussa, Greece


21st Festival Internacional de Cinema Ambiental da Serra da Estrela                   directory
10th - 17th of October 2015
Seia, Portugal


5th Animax Skopje Animation Festival                                                       directory
5 - 8 November 2015
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


24rd Euroshorts International Short Film Contest                                         program
23 - 29 November 2015
Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poland


18th Olympia Film Festival                                                                      directory
28 November-5 December 2015.
Pyrgos, Greece


4th Delhi International Film Festival
5 - 10 December 2015
Delhi, India


5th Athens International Digital Film Festival                                              directory 
13-21 December 2014
Greece, Athen


9th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh                                   directory
January 23-29, 2016
Dhaka, Bangladesh


27es Rencontres Cinéma-Nature                                                              program

8-10 April 2016                                                                                  directory
Dompierre-sur-Besbre, France


4th Azores Fringe Festival Shorts@Fringe                                                  directory
01-30 Juni 2016
Azores, Portugal

2nd Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival (Nominated Category Animated Films)
December 2 – 4, 2016
India, Kolkata

Awards, Nominated
Nominated: Special Award for the Best Short Film: Recommended for Schools
10th A Film for Peace festival
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