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Film - "Journey to the Olympus"

Directed by Light Bear

Screenplay by Light Bear
Animation and drawing by Light Bear
Music  "The Great" by Broke for free

- Creative Commons Attribution License.

Technical data about the work:
.mov H.264 HD Video
Aaspect ratio of 16:9, 1.78:1
Release date - 01.10.2014
Running time: 6:00
Ton: stereo



The film has two story lines. The first one shows life on Mount Olympus: the world of the Greek gods, Apollo, Athena, Zeus, Hermes and the Minotaur, and the surrounding mythical symbols. The gods rejoice, weep and interact, which means, they live on Olympus.

The second story line is about the journey of a small ship to Olympus. On his way it overcomes all kinds of obstacles - from the stormy seas to mythical monsters. The ship symbolizes the fearless spirit of the hero, who throughout his life, being of good cheer, moves towards his goal, Olympus.

Exhibitions & Screenings

13th International Short and Independent Film Festival, Dhaka  •  program
4-11 December 2014
Dhaka, Bangladesh


1st International Noncommercial Animation Festival BEAR
15-22 March 2015
Dresden, Germany


3rd RATMA International Film Festival
25th April 2015
Keighley, United Kingdom


10th Sunscreen Film Festival

30. April – 3. May 2015
St. Petersburg, United States


Three Cities Festival and Conference
16-26 May 2015
Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic


29th MisCon International Short Film Festival
22-25 May 2015
Missoula, USA


"WatchOut!" film festival Tetovo  •  directory
26 - 29 May 2015
Tetovo, Macedonia


8th The Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach Festival  •  program
4-6 June 2015
Alys Beach, USA


17th International Art Exhibition NordArt  •  flyer   •  directory
6. June - 4. October 2015
Büdelsdorf, Germany


2nd Anual Eastern NC Film Festival
13 June, 2015
Winterville, United States


Art All Night - Trenton: 4th Annual Film Festival
20-21 June 2015
Trenton, United States


8th Schöneweide Art Festival Kunst am Spreeknie
3-12 July 2015
Berlin, Germany


31th Cartoon Club International Festival  •  directory
13-19 July, 2015
Rimini, Italy


7th Encontrarte Amares Art and Animation Festival
23-26 July 2015
Amares, Portugal


3rd International Animated Film Festival for children and youth "Constantine’s gold Coin"  •  program
8-9 August 2015
Nis, Serbian


22ud Blue Sea Film Festival  •  directory

21-23 August 2015
Rauma, Finland


24rd Euroshorts International Short Film Contest  •  program
23 - 29 November 2015
Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poland


7th ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS International Festival

of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture
4-13 December 2015
Tenerife, Spain


"Kitchen Project" Flip Flop group - organized by students from University for the Creative Arts Farnham22nd January 2016Farnham, England
22nd January 2016
Farnham, England


"Future So Bright" exhibition
30 January - 27 Februar 2016
Old Courthouse Arts Center - Woodstock, IL, USA FIneArtExhibition.html


"Spiritual Defiance" The Arizona Foundation for Contempary Theology
March 4, 2016
Rhoenix,AZ, USA


TIME is Love.9
April 2016
France, Paris ( GALERIE DE LA VOÛTE ) Berlin, Germany (PLATEAU GALLERY),

Hong Kong, China (MUR NOMADE)


"DEEP TRASH: GREEK TRASH" exhibition  •  directory  •  flyer
23rd of April, 2016
London, England

9th Annual Broadway Art Show - Monticello Union-Township Public Library
July 29-31, 2016
Monticello, USA

7-10 April 2016
Austria Vienna, Munich Germany


2nd CAVO Fest of electronic music, visuals, photography, video art and archeology
Mai-September 2016
Trani, Italy


19th & 20th February 2016
Seydisfjordur, ICELAND


RITE Manchester festival in Islington Mill
10th June 2016
Salford, England

3rd Freiraum Leipzig Art Festival  •  programm   
10 September 2016                       
Leipzig-Ost, Germany

24th SPECTRUM Theaterfestival (TIME is Love.9)
8th July 2016
Villach - AUSTRIA

2th Addis Video Art Festival (Time is Love. 9)
November, 2016
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"NUIT ROSE" festival of queer-focused art and performance
June 16-17, 2017
Toronto, Canada

Acropolis Remix -  Digital Art Exhibition
Brazil, Athens, Greece, internet

3rd The Wrong (biennale)- Acropolis Remix
November 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018


8th The Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach Festival (2015; Alys Beach, USA)

Honorable mentions Award


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