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Film - "Animal life. Space."
Directed by Light Bear
Screenplay by Light Bear
Animation and drawing by Light Bear
Music  by Light Bear

Technical data about the work:
.mov Video HD
Release date - 01.11.2014
Running time: 1:00
Ton: mono



5000 year...
People brought earth to total environmental catastrophe ...
Inhabitants of the earth flew in space in search of a new home ...

Exhibitions, Screenings

Novella Showcase
Access Vision TV
November 2014
USA, Jackson


4th Green-Go Short Film Contest
12 - 19 December 2014
Budapest, Hungary


1st Miniature Film Festival
18th March 2015
Vancouver, Canada


1st CMAC Rural Film Festival                  
9 Mai 2015
Princeton, USA


11th One Minute Film & Video Festival                                         directory
8 - 10 Mai 2015
Aarau, Switzerland


4th Wellington Underground Film Festival
21-23 May 2015
Wellington, New Zealand


8th International animation festival Fest Anča
14-28 Juni 2015
Zilina, Slovakia


Prism Pipe "Cosmic Horizon"
15 June 2015
Los Angeles,United States


1st Cinevana - Berlin Film Festival                                                program
20 December, 2015
Berlin, Germany


3rd PiGrecoZen Film Festival
October 13 – November 4, 2016
Ancona, Italy

1st ESMoA Video Art + Film Festival: La Esperanza (Semi-Finalist)
November 4, 2017
El Segundo, Los Angeles, USA


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