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Film "Circle of Silence"

Armenian province_the story of one woman"

by JUR art group


Directed by Elena Pagel
Screenplay by Eva Harut and Elena Pagel
Animation and drawing by Olga Guse
Music and sound design by wormsine

Technical data about the work:
DVD Video 2012
Running time: 17:52
Format: DV-PAL 4:3, avi
720 x 576 pixel
25 fps
Ton: 48 kHz 16 bit stereo



The idea of the movie was born in the authors under the impression of some stories, thoughts and feelings of real women living in Gyumri (Armenia).

Gyumri is one of the oldest cities, the carrier of Armenian traditions and history. Armenia of 21th century, where till now rules „Men's power“, is a place where a girl since childhood is brought up in a spirit of obedience to the man, emphasizing in him the feeling of the master and the owner of her. In spite of that the woman here over the centuries enjoyed the respect and the good attitude towards herself, but her each manifestation of independence was perceived as an act of disobedience and immorality. In relationships, such as husband and wife, brother and sister, father and daughter are up till now ruled by patriarchal stereotypes, where the man still has a dominant influence on the choice of the woman. The principles of building the patriarchy put everything in their places- the woman is weak and imperfect and then the man will take care of her. For that care she must totally serve him in every way, to obey and worship her master-a person of other and higher order.

Consideration of sexual problems in this society is said to be immoral and indecent. No decent woman will ever talk about her sexual desires and problems, even in the frames of her family with her husband. The man in Gyumri is absolutely sure of his sexual success and accuracy. Any initiative from the side of the woman is perceived as manifestation of insubordination which talks of her „perversity“, in the result of which this topic stays closed in the society, especially because of the silence of women.
The circle of silence is created. Women with their silence emphasize in men the feeling of the master and the owner of her, and the men, being brought up from the childhood like this; accept the given stereotypes as the only correct version of relationship between the Man and the Woman...

In the movie some traditional symbols are used in authorial interpretation.

Exhibitions, Screenings

Dresden Fernsehen (TV)

Dresden, Germany

August 2012


Artisterium - 5th Annual Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events          directory

Tbilisi, Georgia
September 2012


8th OSTRALE international panorama exhibitions of contemporary arts in Europe                       directory

Dresden, Germany

18 July - 28 September 2014

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