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I spent my childhood in Russia and, accordingly, I was a person who grew up on Soviet cartoons. All my friends and I hated puppet cartoons. We liked drawing cartoons.


Now as an adult I have begun to understand the reason. Soviet puppet cartoons were mostly of low-quality. The main task of Soviet animators was to animate a doll and not to make it beautiful and attractive to the child.


I prefer at first to create a puppet, to make it attractive, to put the soul in it, and then animate it.

The mysterious magic of dolls made with my own hands inspired me to take up puppet animation.



First I became a puppet maker and then a cartoon artist.

My films often reflect the critical topics of our society. Therefore they are interesting for children and young people. They are based on ecology, tolerance, the fight against drugs, and so on.
My films are almost always silent and the dolls, like mime actors, express their thoughts only through their actions.

Making a cartoon is the desire, to animate the figures to look as if they are breathing and living in a reality created by myself. Good results bring great joy which compensates for painstaking and time-consuming work. Probably God felt this, when He created our world, but onh a larger scale.




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